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Scottsdale AZ 85255
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Universal Land Construction Company


  • General/Prime Contractor
  • Construction Management
  • Partnership from entitlement through acceptance

Past Project Successes:

  • Hard Dig
  • Controlled Drilling and Blasting
  • Deep Excavation and Shoring
  • De-watering

Our Core - Private Development:

  • Gravity Sewer Systems
  • Pressure Sewer Systems
  • Potable / Non-potable Water Systems
  • Storm Drain - All Types

Mission Statement

To be the benchmark in the Arizona land development construction industry by which all other contractors are measured.

Universal Land will provide its chosen clients an elite level of customer service, a superior project management team, premier field leadership and the best construction practices which successfully position our projects for on-time or early delivery to our clients. We seek to partner with our clients from land entitlement and permitting, construction, and final acceptance by being an industry leader and offering services other contractors are not qualified for or choose not to perform.

Office: 480.219.2815
PO Box 25688
Scottsdale AZ 85255
Fax: 480-219-2816

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Universal Land is built on strong relationships, years of quality work, and integrity. Through our vast experience over the years working in the construction industry, Universal Land has found its niche in the private and commercial market. The majority of our clients are developers, home builders, commercial builders, and construction management firms. We prefer to work with a small handful of clients, and provide them with superior service.

Universal Land specializes in wet utility construction and project management. As a general contractor, we also can complete a project from grading to paving, providing our clients with a “One Stop Shop” for constructing finished pads. This allows our clients to only deal with one contractor, eliminating loop holes among trades and finger pointing. Universal Land assumes the risk and every stage of construction is our responsibility. If not contracted as the general contractor on a project, Universal Land will also provide a proposal and contract the wet utility installation. On many projects, we start working with our clients during the first submittal stages and help develop preliminary budgets. Value engineering is also a large part of our services. During the planning stages, Universal Land will make recommendations for design changes to reduce construction costs and project duration.

Universal Land believes the most important element in construction is safety. We take extreme measures to ensure a true safe work environment. Universal Land does not just talk about it, we demand it. Safety training is the first step before a team member can join a crew on a jobsite. Every team member will have been through formal training and be required to complete a competent person course, no exceptions. Safety vests and hard hats must be worn on jobsites at all times. Universal Land has an extensive safety manual, which is kept on the jobsite at all times.

Our clients notice a significant difference immediately upon Universal Land mobilizing onto a project. Our equipment and employees are professionally outfitted and easily identifiable. Our company vehicles are late model trucks painted safety yellow. All of Universal Land’s equipment is late model with logos that match our company vehicles. The field crews are uniformly outfitted with matching safety vests, hard hats, and Universal Land apparel. Our jobsites are clean, free of trash and debris. Trenches are not left open overnight. Unlike most of our competition, we backfill and compact directly behind the excavation process. This allows for a more organized job site and the possibility of following trades to start earlier, decreasing project duration. Our projects are well organized, clean and safe.

Universal Land prides itself on keeping abreast of current technology. When it comes to software, communication, accessibility, scheduling, project management, or any other task that could be enhanced by technology, Universal Land has implemented it. We are completely wireless and can access city specifications, contract agreements, or any project specific document at any time, anywhere. Universal Land requires that all management, office and field employees have exceptional computer skills.

Universal Land ownership has existing positive relationships with many large volume developers in the Phoenix Metro market. These relationships were built upon fairness, strong communication, follow through and quality work that delivered projects on time. Currently Universal Land is a new and unknown company in the Phoenix Metro market in name only. Over the last twelve years, ownership and upper management have established relationships with construction management firms, land developers, homebuilders, commercial builders, and have completed in excess of 150 million dollars in residential construction contracts.

Our strategy for dominating the competition is fair pricing, superior customer service and providing field teams performing work “right the first time” allowing for on-time project delivery. One advantage Universal Land has over our competition is the quality of our field personnel. Our field personnel are well trained in “Safe Production”. The standards set at Universal Land are much higher than our competition. Also, by using state of the art and late model equipment, coupled with the use of modern technology, Universal Land is able to operate on minimal overhead. All that being stated, we conclude that our most effective competitive edge has to be the quality of relationships we hold with our clients.

Here at Universal Land we have incorporated a philosophy of "Win-Win or No Deal". This simply means that in any situation arising requiring a solution, a deal will be made only if both parties involved benefit mutually. A win-win is the only solution in solidifying a deal. Universal Land will accept nothing less.

Universal Land has strict policies that ensure our work is of the utmost quality. We do not deviate from specifications or guidelines unless approved by appropriate officials. We construct our projects per job details and specifications, no exceptions. We also take pride in protecting our clients when municipalities enforce a change without notice or supporting documentation. Universal Land does not believe that passing on the cost to our clients is acceptable. It is the responsibility of Universal Land to be familiar with all specifications on a project and to ensure a quality product.

Universal Land is unlike any other contractor in the industry. Come visit one of our jobsites and contact our references. Through years of experience, learning from our mistakes, working with integrity and accepting the feedback from our clients, we have taken the top quality attributes to create an exceptional construction company. There is a synergy among the personnel at Universal Land, which is immediately apparent. Our employees enjoy an established track record of excellent project service and support from our clients. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are abundant. We will continue to establish Universal Land as a key trade partner and advance our growth in the marketplace with more unique and effective construction services.